What’s the Process of Child Support Collection?

Many children were forced to go through various struggles in their young lives due to the negligence of either one of their parents. Problems arise when parents give birth to their child and then abandon it at an early age, before they can support themselves. When this happens, TriCare Services are able to intervene and ensure the child gets the care they need to grow into a responsible adult.

Child Support Services will take several actions to ensure the success of the Child Support Collection Initiative. This includes ensuring that both parents accept full responsibility for any child they have. Child Support Services will collect child support for any minor who has a legal guardian. This is a brief summary of child support collection.

Child Support services will first interview them in order to learn the truth about the situation. Child Support Services may proceed with the search for the parent who is alleged to have abandoned his or her responsibility if the Child Support Services believe that it meets all the criteria of collecting child support. This can also be accomplished with the aid of the guardian. Once the Child Support Services has located the parents, they must conduct tests – preferably, DNA tests – to confirm that the man said to be a father to the child is in fact the true father. Establishing paternity is required before a court can issue an order regarding medical or child support. The paternity test is the most important part of this case. If the test is negative, there are no options for the future.

It is then necessary to determine if an existing child support order exists. This court will also determine how much time is spent with each child by the parents and what the needs are for the minor financially. Child Support Services will also be able to ask the courts for an order involving the noncustodial parent. Child Support Services can then make various arrangements to have the non-custodial father take responsibility for the minor, based on the parents’ abilities.

Steps may include wage attachments, levies to bank accounts or real estate, as well as unemployment insurance and disability benefits. If the parent who is not the custodial one feels the support order was unfair, he can request that Child Support Services review it. It is up to the Child Support Services or the judge’s discretion whether the support order will be reviewed.

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