Seven Guitars

Character: Vera
Directed by: Lloyd Richards
Written by: August Wilson
Produced by: Benjamin Mordecai, Gordon Davidson, Herb Alpert, Margo Lion, Scott Rudin
Other cast: Keith David, Rosalyn Coleman, Tommy Hollis, Roger Robinson, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Michele Shay
Venue: Eugene O'Neill Theater Center
Production dates: March 28 - September 8, 1996
Genre: Drama

Just released from jail, Blues singer Floyd "Schoolboy" Barton is asked to sign a record deal after a song he recorded months before becomes an unexpected hit. After a year of trials and tribulations, Floyd is ready to right the past year's wrongs and return to Chicago with a new understanding of what's important in his life. Unfortunately his means of righting wrongs are inherently flawed.

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