Character: Dr. Eleanor Weiss
Created by: John Masius
Directed by: Michael Fresco
Written by: Carol Barbee
Produced by: Monica Wyatt
Other cast: Melina Kanakaredes, Seth Peterson, Mike Farrell
Episodes: 4x04
Original airdate: October 19, 2001
Episode title: "You Can Count on Me"
Genre: Drama, Romance
Running time: 46min

Joanie plays the domestic martyr of the world, even Robbie's marriage announcement is scolded as 'selfish rubbish'. Bride Tina is determined to be understanding, so Robbie pushes them to bond by shopping for the wedding, while he minds winers dad and Hannah. This works, and they're incredibly lucky. Jim fails to return to his beloved surgery and chase his temp Sam; Heather welcomes him back 'assisting', but he gets so frustrated he smacks Fearless' snout. Joe Connelly's senatorial campaign nears its end, so he invites Syd along to Washington D.C. Syd worries about skater Victor Ortiz who broke two ribs and faints from concussion, while his mother only wines about his possibly compromised suitability as donor for his spoiled, ingrate terminal sister, violinist Sandra.

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